Walking for Fitness

Walking for Fitness

Walking is the best way to get started on a fitness program. What does fitness mean to you? It depends where you see fitness taking you, what do you expect? Walking for Fitness, is where you should start.
Where do you want to be? Didn’t think there was going to be a quiz, did you?

Getting and staying in shape is not the only thing that exercise is good for, it can help your mental outlook, your mood.

Specific mental health problems may be helped, suggests research. Fit people have less anxiety and depression.

So, if you are feeling down, get to the gym, go for a walk, do something physical. Don’t walk to the kitchen and finish off the donuts and ice cream!!! Please.

Check with Your Doctor

Always check with your doctor before starting any kind of exercise program. Start slowly and warm up every time. Warming up will help reduce the chance of an injury.

Most people can do moderate exercise, pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you have soreness, that should be ok and expected. Pain or sharp pain on the other hand will need to be checked by a medical professional.

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Let u see how much is burned in some activity’s:
These number are for a 154-pound person, the calorie number would be higher for a higher weight
And lower for a lower weight person. the first number is for 30 minutes the second is for 1 hour

Hiking 185  370

Light Gardening/Yard Work 165  330

Dancing 165  330

Golf, Walk and Carry 165  330

Bicycling (<10mph) 145  290

Walking (3.5 mph) 140  280

Weight lifting (light workout) 110  220

Stretching 90  180

MORE VIGEROUS PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, Same 154 lb. person same ½ hour,1 hour as above.

Running/jogging (5mph) 295  590

Bicycling (>10 mph) 295  590

Swimming (slow laps, freestyle) 255  510

Aerobics 240  480

Walking (4.5) 230  460

Heavy yard work (chop wood) 220  440

Weight lifting (vigorous) 220  440

Are any of the things you do on the list? Are you surprised at the calories you are burning? Maybe you think they are too high or too low.

Every day, it seems we hear of many Americans that are suffering with heart problems and obesity and diabetes or other problems that could be avoided with some physical fitness.



Warm up before exercise, move around, move your arms legs, get those muscles warmed up. This will help prevent injuries, when Walking for Fitness.
Don’t overdo it, start simple, walking, bicycle, jogging or swimming.

Take time to cool down, stretch, for 5-10 minutes after your exercise.
Drink water before, during and after and enjoy yourself.


Walking is about the easiest ways to get started on a physical fitness plan. Most people can and do this every day. You would think just doing it more would be easy. Of course, the faster you’re pace the more calories you will burn. That’s 3.5 mph in the moderate and 4.5 mph in the vigorous section above.

There is not a lot of equipment you need to walk for fitness. Just good shoes, if you don’t have them you will know soon enough. Not having good fitting walking shoes could sidetrack you, wouldn’t want that!

But of course, walking can be of benefit at any speed. Why do so many people choose it? It is because of that fact.

You can walk just about anywhere from right in your neighborhood to local parks, you may even have bike/walk trails nearby.

Or there is the local gym, where you will find many ways. I have been in several gyms that had walking tracks inside.

How do you know how many steps you have walked? The big goal is to get 10,000 a day. You do that and you get a Gold Star. That 10,000 steps come out to 5 miles.

Either way you say it, seems like a lot. But it really is not. Just get as many as you can, then get more the next time. Keep building and you will be feeling better and better. Next you know, that goal will be attainable.


How do you tell how many steps you have? You may have or can purchase any step counter, up to that latest fitness wearables, that would do the job.

I have been using the Jawbone UP3. IT is a very good band, measures your steps, heart rate, sleep and calories. Works with an app that you sync the band with. The one thing I don’t like, is that you must open the app to check your progress. This may not be a concern for many of you.


No longer using the Jawbone UP3. I have moved up to the Polar A360. This unit is far superior and show everything on the face. You can see your heart rate , time, steps, distance all at a glance. The A360 has been upgraded and is now the A370. These are superior fitness watches.

Best training and Free blog.. Free membership, check it out here

Polar Vantage M2

I do like the sleep feature, in the am, I can see how much deep, light and rem sleep I got and what my heart rate average was overnight. A good indicator of your heart health.

I can also at any time tap on the heart rate button and it will monitor my heart rate.


I recommend a fitness band, even for beginners. You can one of the pocket pedometers cheaper. But a band will take you farther and tell you more than a pedometer will. Using it for a longer time is also likely.  I just plain think it is a smarter move.

You may not want to start with a more expensive, initial outlay for a fitness monitor. Start small if you must. But consider the advantages of being able to check your heart rate. Might be something to discuss with your Doctor.

Your call. Now, get up off the couch, don’t head for the kitchen, head out the door. Do something, walk!!!
Half as far as you can, you must get back, right?

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As always, meeting with you doctor should be you first step.

Thank you for spending part of your day here with me.
Comment, good, bad are always appreciated, leave them below.

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14 thoughts on “Walking for Fitness

  1. I really cannot do cardio and weight training both on the same day. It is extremely tiring and I have renewed respect for people who actually do it.

    All I could possibly start off with is walking for like 30 minutes initially, will it bring any difference to my weight. I’m just hoping that taking small steps would take me far.

    1. I walk to help with my weight loss efforts. As long as you are moving, I believe it helps. The faster/harder you go then the better/more help it is. I don’t lift right after I walk. Start off slowly and increase as you feel the ability to do so. If you have any further questions, feel free.

  2. It is good to know which exercise method burn how many calories in 30/60 minutes. My question is, since I leave between two hills and I do walk up and down around 300 stairs two -three times per day to finish my chores, I wonder how many calories I am burning (each trip is about 10 minutes up and 10 minutes down. Also, regarding the superfoods, have you tried any of them yourself and how do they work for you?

    1. I can’t figure the quiz, but the superfoods I have listed are all used by me. I would suggest investing in a fitness watch or a fitness band. that can count your steps and give you the answers you seek.

  3. I’ve always thought swimming is a great way of staying physically active too.
    It’s not weight bearing, and even when swimming slowly it burns more calories than almost all of the other exercises in your table!
    If people could combine walking and swimming that would be a great way to keep fit and active

    1. Thank you Michael. You are correct about swimming. I will have to rectify that omission. I am not a swimmer, so I rarely think of swimming. It is a great full body work out, as you say.

  4. every single detail in the website is just perfect.
    I think we should start walking today and now.
    but I always ask my self
    why especially walking ?
    this amazing movements
    what it dose to our bodies exactly
    can you mention the body movement during walking ?
    I think it will be great page

    1. Walking is something almost everyone can do. Walking can be anything from a leisurely stroll, to power walking. The faster you move, the higher your heart rate, more calories burned. You burn calories anytime, harder work, bigger reward. Thanks for you comment

  5. Hi there
    I have just read your post with great anticipation and interest and I thoroughly liked what I read.
    I know only too well the benefits of running and walking as I do both.
    I jog on Sat and go for a long walk on a Sun, so I always look forward to the weekend. I wish I could do more but work comes in the way during the week.
    I am very interested in the calorie count chart that you have supplied and it does make great reading.
    The benefits and advantages of a little exercise cannot be underestimated enough today, because it’s down the line that hopefully it will stand to us.
    Thanks again for the great post
    Continued success
    Cheers PB

    1. So true that we all need to do what we can. Sounds like you have a plan and it is working. Keep it up and when you have more time, you will do what is best for you.

      Thanks for the comments.

      See you again soon!

  6. I always try too exercise at least 4 days a week but haven’t actually tried keeping track of the number of steps. The pedometer device sounds like a good way to keep track of the distance and it’s really reasonably priced. All of the other devices I’ve seen cost at least 4 times the price. If you’ve used this personally I’m curious about whether it needs to be charged like an Apple Watch or some of the pricier options.

    1. Yes the “pricier” ones do have to be recharged. The reason is that they give you a lot more than just steps. Most monitor heart rate at least. Keep exercising and when it comes to upgrade you will know.

      Thanks for the comment Lynn.

  7. My aim is 10,000 steps per day. This became my aim 6 months ago after I had a health scare and knew that I needed to make a change in my life. Why did I wait so long?

    I now use my walking for not only getting my heart rate up but for also clearing my mind and walking my 2 dogs they just love it….and now so do I…

    Best regards

    1. That is wonderful Gina.  Although it usually takes something to happen to bring us around to caring for ourselves.

      Keep up the good work.  Thank you for stopping by.

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