Superfood is a term that had been thrown around and placed on many labels it does not belong. Superfood is a product that has a higher concentration of nutrients than 99% of other foods. These are roots, leaves, seaweed, berries and other parts of these plants. Usually if the form of juices, powder and extracts. These are the superfoods that I use in my smoothies:

ACAI powder processes an optimal combination of antioxidants, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, essential fatty acids. As if that were not enough many other phytonutrients, flavonoids and resveratrol. Enough?

CACAO powder has powerful antioxidant to benefit your heart, lower cholesterol and help prevent disease. Magnesium that helps with your mood also PMS symptoms. Raw cacao is bitter to taste. If you want to use chocolate to benefit your health, dark chocolate with over 70% cacao is needed to get the benefits.

CAMU powder, famous for the vitamin C it contains. There is 30-60% more vitamin C than an orange. Also contains bets-carotene, many amino acids and potassium. This has a sweet/sour taste. I guess that means it has bad (sour) days, like me. You think?

CHIA seeds, these are truly a miracle in my humble opinion. The essential fatty acids that are found in these seeds cannot be found anywhere in nature. The antioxidant is more than found in many berries, including blueberries. Vitamins, iron, minerals, potassium and zinc, all here. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, along with calcium, fiber and protein. Incidentally these seeds swell up to 9x there size in liquids.

A reason that they are used as a thickener in pudding and other foods. They will thicken up your smoothies. With all this goodness, it’s hard to throttle back the desire to load a bunch into every smoothie, use caution. I learned the hard way.
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FLAXSEED Ground flaxseed contains omega-3 fatty acid, fiber, highly concentrated source of secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SGD) lignans which are phytonutrients. Also, good for you digestive system. Good stuff, this goes in almost every smoothie I make.Buy Ground Flaxseed at Amazon

GOJI berries or powder is one of the most nutrient rich foods. Contains over 20 trace minerals, rich in vitamin A, and essential amino acids. They are a great addition to oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies and Tea
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HEMP powder or seeds. Hemp is a complete protein. Containing a complete balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and, also an excellent source of magnesium. But you can’t put this in your pipe and smoke.!Buy Hemp Powder at Amazon

LUCUMA powder contains many minerals and vitamins, carotenes, and niacin B3. This has a distinctive sweet taste, in fact I use this to sweeten some of my smoothies.Get Lacuma at Amazon

MACA powder. Maca is a powerful adaptogen facilitating the body’s ability to adapt and regulate stress and balance hormones. Maca is believed to improve libido, increase strength and reduce fatigue. Maca, also contains iron, iodine, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Vitamins attending B1, B2, C and E. Maca has been used to improve chronic fatigue, lack of libido and anemia. Also it can help reduce stress and anxiety. One of my favorites, I find the taste of Maca, leaves something to desire. Thankfully, I use it in smoothies where I control the taste, mostly.

MAQUI powder is a unique source of antioxidants. Particularly potent anti-ageing flavonoids such as anthocyanins and polyphenols. And a good source for vitamin C, iron and dietary fiber

MULBERRY berries are known for their nutritional properties High amounts of fiber, vitamin C, resveratrol and iron. Helps to slow down ageing.
As you can see, there quite a few that I use, each one on this list, not for every smoothie of course.Buy Mulberries at Amazon

I use all of these, not at once, in my smoothies. I add some to oatmeal and tea. When I have a superfood smoothie every day, I do feel better, more energized and alert. See more about Superfood Smoothies here.

These are not all the Superfoods, just the ones I use on a regular basis.

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About says it all? Why not .. free to try it out….

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