Reviews Diet Meal Delivery Plans

Reviews Diet Meal Delivery Plans

Replacement Meal Programs

BistroMD Review

Name of product: BistroMd diet meal delivery plans
Price: Varies with plan purchased.
Owners: Caroline J. Cederquist MD and Ed Cederquist CEO

Keep your Diabetes Under Control With our Specialty Meals!

Dr. Cederquist work in her practice working with patients that have been struggling with weight problems for years. They spoke of frustrations, with misinformation about weight loss, sick of Fad diets and broken promises.

They were all searching for a lifelong answer, something that would allow them to eat food that was delicious and filling and keep the weight off.

BistroMD, entered the diet meal delivery arena in 2005

Dr. Cederquist “People do not always understand why they’ve gained weight, they just want to lose it. Without understanding the mechanisms behind the weight gain, these people will be unable to cure the underlining metabolic condition that is often the cause.”

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Knowing that most people lead very busy lives, with limited time for meal planning or preparation. Most of the people have very little knowledge how to cook meals for weight loss and still be flavorful and delicious. Portion control can also be a problem for most when cooking at home.

A Higher Standard

People were looking for a higher standard In diet meal delivery. Mr. Cederquist says” We would not offer something to our members that we would not eat at our own dinner table.” Because of this, the food is cooked and prepared the day it is selected.

The bistroMD chefs in individual and ongoing consultations with of bistroMD Registered Dietitians, which makes for a winning combination for creating safe and successful and educated weight loss without felling deprived.

Dr. Cederquist “Obesity has unfortunately become part of the mainstream America. Teaching people appropriate proportions and how to balance the nutrients they eat is a large part of the fight against it. The lifestyle makeover is what we at bistroMD hope will generate a major difference”

The way bistroMD works: members chose from 2 plans, 5 or 7 days of prepared meals. There are further options, as with or without snacks. Different dietary needs and preferences are taken into consideration. The food is prepared fresh and delivered frozen to members door. In addition, free dietitian support is offered to all members.


The dietitians are trained by Dr. Cederquist in her practice. Chefs at bistroMD are recruited from the best culinary schools, in the country. They are dedicated to Cederquist moto that taste and health can go hand in hand.

Dr. Cederquist is also the author of a best-selling book “Helping Your Overweight Child”

The Good & the Bad

Balance nutrition and physical fitness
Professional chef preparation
Scientific approach
Customization options
Delivery to all states
Automatically charged for the second week
No fresh delivery options, always frozen.

My verdict 9.5 out of 10
Please visit their website for further information and pricing and plan details. I don’t believe you can go wrong with this choice.


Medifast Review

Products: Medifast Meal Replacement, Diet Plans
Price: Varies with plan chosen
Owners: Founder William Vitale in 1980. Medifast is a publicly traded on the NYSE (MED)

Clinically proven, Medifast, developed by a Doctor in 1980, has been recommended by 20,000doctors. Quickly losing weight while learning to eat healthier is the plan.

Meals are formulated with fiber and low-fat protein, fortified with nutrients and vitamins, so losing out on essential nutrients is not a worry. This is a worry on many other diet plans but not with Medifast.

70 meal replacements, enough so there should be no problem, assuring that you get 5-7 ounces of lean protein, 3 serving of vegetables and no more than 2 serving of healthy fats.

Not limited to the replacement meals, in addition, you can have some condiments. (easy on the salt), dressings and sauces, one snack a day. Various snacks are allowed pickles, ½ cup of almonds, pistachios, walnuts also gum or mints, popsicle or Jell-O.

Alcohol is forbidden as is anything on the “no eat list”

Different Health Conditions

Health conditions or lifestyle choices may have affected your dietary requirements. Medifast excels at this special diet problem. Type 2 diabetes, gluten, nursing mothers, soy intolerance, vegetarians and vegan.

You will eat the replacement meals most of the time, but do have some flexibility for the meals you provide.

Daily exercise is encouraged, but no specific workout or other support in this very important area. Similarly, this is suggested by several diet meal delivery companies.

Customers have said: Using Medifast made it easier because deciding what to eat was easier. Many could not find any other plan that help lose the weight. The taste was very good even for picky eaters because the meals could be adjusted.

If you are seeking big changes in your health and weight, Medifast will deliver. But those big changes may be hard to sustain.

Medifast has a “Take Shape for Life” program providing FREE access to a Health Coach. And moreover, online access to food journals a weight loss blog, chat rooms and nutrition guides.

Access to Health Coach
Reasonable prices
Doctor approved
Special needs can be met
• No help with exercise
• Extreme Diet- Low Calorie

This is a great choice, particularly if you have a lot to lose, being a low-calorie program. Diet Meal Delivery made easy.

Thank you for taking time from your busy day to visit me. Please feel free to leave any comments or criticisms below. I will be sure to answer promptly. The following are some other articles that are related, just click and read.

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6 thoughts on “Reviews Diet Meal Delivery Plans

  1. Great information. I went on a low-calorie diet once and though it worked for a short period of time, I always had headaches and I jus couldn’t sustain it. I guess it just wasn’t for me. You really need to have a strong will to succeed, especially if you’re used to bigger portions.

    I’m trying something else now that is called the Keto diet and so far this has been working for me. I’m a beginner on this diet and you seem to be very knowledgeable about them. Do you have any information that you could give me as a beginner on this diet? It would be very much appreciated!

    1. Essentially, exogenous ketones boost the body’s natural ability to reach ketosis quicker. Once in ketosis, the body will burn more fat. Ketone boosting supplements are not fat burning in themselves, but they will make the process of achieving ketosis easier.

       A ketone boost can also help boost energy, sharpen focus and enhance mental clarity. If you are looking to lose weight and reach optimal health in a natural way, then a ketogenic supplement is definitely for you.

      I have not completed my research into this diet, although keep hearing good things about it. I hope it works for you. I always caution when a supplement is required though. Recommend you clear that with a Doctor.

  2. First, accept my thanks for writing a great article on the health benefits of “Reviews Diet Meal Delivery Plans”. Your post is full of health information. I learned important two meal replacement diet plan guidelines from your article. I have not completed my research into this diet, although keep hearing good things about it. I hope it works for you. I always caution when a supplement is required though. Recommend you clear that with a Doctor.

    You write that it is balanced nutrition and physical fitness, professional chef preparation, access to a health coach, doctor approved reasonable prices. keep fresh health, help to reduce weight, I don’t know the benefits of it but now I know it through your post.

    Again thanks to you now I am sharing your post to my friends.

  3. Hi James, my name is Michael and I am a recovering alcoholic.

    I think you have picked a great topic and the way your life story relates is spot on. Life style change. I think God has given you the serenity to change the thing’s you made a choice to change. If you did not, you would not have able to produce an excellent informative website. This would have been a loss.

    In your categories section it is obvious you have researched different diets associated with cancer, diabetes and so on. Very informative.

    Experience on the topic. I got a lot from your personal journey and was impressed with your honesty. This carries on through out your site. A powerful message depicted through Lifestyle Change. I have book marked your site for future reference and to encourage some of my friends to pat you a visit.

    Thank you Cowboy James,


    1. Thank you for the kind words Michael. The road is never promised to be a smooth go. 

      Anytime you do something, or contemplate something to improve your health, a Doctor should be involved. The mass of information at our fingertips these days, does not mean it is all true. Too often it is someone’s opinion or worse. 

  4. hi James

    a very informative and well documented post; if you are relatively sober and yet fat you, there are several causes: eat too much and do not move, eat too fat, eat the market without informing yourself of quality, stress, etc .; My opinion is that when you start a diet, you must first compose a doctor to find the causes that led to weight gain


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