Quitting Smoking

Quitting Smoking

                   What Happens when You Quit Smoking

Trouble sleeping, depression, dizziness and anxiety. There may be awful days and nights. In fact so much so that many simply abandon their quit.  I urge you to stick to it, the benefits are many and all good. Quitting smoking will be worth what ever you go through to attain that goal.

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There may be awful days and nights, but keep your eyes on the prize. A longer life to spend with your family and friends. More time to do the things you have wanted to do.

Avoiding a lung like that is surly a reason to quit.

Maybe most important, Money. Not spending all that money on smokes, should leave you with extra cash. Go out to eat more often.
Don’t overdo that of course.

What Happens when You Quit Smoking- BENEFITS

Within 30 minutes:

Your blood pressure will drop and your feet will get warmer. I can’t vouch for the feet, mine are still cold!
About 8 hours:

Carbon monoxide and nicotine levels will be about ½ of what they were.
Twelve hours

Carbon monoxide levels are normal. The heart is not working as hard.
24 hours:

Your chances of a heart have lowered, if you were a one pack a day smoker.
48 hours:

Your senses of taste and smell are improving. It is also when the withdrawal symptoms will launch another attack. Be prepared, stay clear of your triggers, speak to family and friends. Think about why you are doing this.

14 days to 3 months:

Your heart attack risk has fallen again. You can exercise and climb stairs without huffing, puffing. Needing help? Use the same advice and talk to someone.
One year:

Congratulations, your risk of heart disease is now about half of what it was.
Five years: Wow how time flies. Your chances of stroke and cervical cancer are now the same as a nonsmoker. Other cancers such as throat, bladder, mouth and esophageal are half as likely to occur.
Ten years:

Chances of cancer of the larynx and pancreas drop. You are only half likely to die from lung cancer as a smoker.
Fifteen years:

Heart diseases are now as if you have never smoked. That is great news, isn’t it?

Ways to Quit Smoking

Cold Turkey, probably the best and worst way to quit. But most smokers that quit, that I know, stayed quit after cold turkey. Maybe because they didn’t use any aids to help reduce the nasty withdrawal symptoms. Whatever it is, this method works for some, give it a try.

Nicotine gum, works very well for some quitting smoking, others dislike the taste. But isn’t that true of many things? Chewing the gum too fast can lead to hiccups, lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting. Mouth, teeth and jaw problems can also occur.

Nicotine Gum at Amazon

You need to chew and then “park” the piece between your teeth and gum. You should discontinue use if any of these side effects occur you should discontinue use. Don’t believe that there is a problem with gum,  used it myself, didn’t help me quit. Guess I was not ready.

Nicotine lozenges,  give better control for those that don’t like to chew or cannot chew. They are more discrete and are coated to lessen flavor. This could be a better option for those, quitting smoking and wanting to try oral nicotine replacement.

 Nicorette Lozenges at Amazon

Nicotine patches come in varying strengths of nicotine. Some are clear and others not. You start at the highest, not for all of course. It is recommended that you change the spot where you adhere the patch everyday. This cuts down on the risk of irritation. Quitting smoking should take about 6-12 weeks with this method.

Nicotine Patches from Amazon

Quitbit, this is a smart lighter that pairs with an app on your phone. Together they record when you smoked last and challenge you to go longer between smokes. The lighter is available at Amazon and the app on your phone. Give this one a try if you like idea of cutting down to quit.

Quit key, I Used this many years ago, what I had to do, was push a button on the small devise every time I had a smoke After a week the devise would take over and tell me when to smoke. Thought this was the one, I was ok until we got to one smoke every 23 hours, just couldn’t do it, guess I wasn’t ready.

Life Sign Quitkey at Amazon


Chantix, is an anti-depressant that they (?) feel may work on the part of the brain that deals with nicotine addiction/Quitting Smoking. Taking this can cause drowsiness and make it hard to concentrate. This can also cause behavior and thinking problems. Although it has helped some people.

Zyban Although, another anti-depressant it does have a success rate of 30% in the first year, does drop to about 15% in the second. It is also supposed to work on the part of your brain that deals with nicotine addiction.
I have never used either of these drugs to quit or anything else.

For both Chantix and Zyban you will need to  discuss them with your doctor. I believe you will need to see them for a prescription.

I was introduced to vaping by a chance encounter in a Walmart garden center. This woman was puffing away on something, I inquired and she told me where she had purchased it. I was at e-cigs the next day. Purchased a clearomizer and fluid and of course a battery and charging cable.

After Quitting Smoking

A few days later I had my last cigarette, haven’t looked back. Been almost 4 years, still love the smell of cigarette smoke. Will go out of my way to stand close to someone that just had a smoke.

But I will not touch a cigarette now, too much invested. That was 2013, my wife went cold turkey in July 2011. I’m still vaping.

The fluids are made of vegetable grade Glycerin and propylene Glycol. This is NOT what is in your car radiator, that would-be Ethel Glycol. The flavorings and nicotine of varying strength and various flavorings.


And there is another option for you Cannabis Oil Vape additive. You might want to see what benefits come from its use. This comes from hemp and has no chance of getting high.  CBD oils occur naturally in Hemp. Many health improvements have been observed.



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4 thoughts on “Quitting Smoking

  1. I knew there are many different ways to quite smoking and no one method works for all. I’ve seen the ads for Chantix and Zyban on TV but they both sound like they could potentially have serious side effects such as suicidal thoughts. I’d heard of vaping but wasn’t really sure what it was. Was it easy for you to quite using this method?

    1. Yes it was easy for me to quit with vaping. Maybe I should say easiest. And of course I am still vaping. Thanks for the question. if I can be of any other help please feel free.

  2. Really informative, I’ve been trying to quit for sometime. Heard of vaping and never tried it. Is it safe, I have heard stories. Also heard it is expensive, do you have any special places that are not expensive? Are there starter kits with everything you need?

    1. Thank you for the comment John. Vaping is very safe as far as we know at this time. There have some studies that point to safety of these. The stories you have heard are likely of people that do not know how to use the units.
      Misused, they can hurt you, much as anything can. There are many sources where starter units are available. I would recommend http://www.VistaVapors.com has what you seek, at favorable prices.

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