SUPERFOODS THAT I USE Superfood is a term that had been thrown around and placed on many labels it does not belong. Superfood is a product that has a higher concentration of nutrients than 99% of other foods. These are roots, leaves, seaweed, berries and other parts of these plants. Usually if the form of

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Diet Plans

GOOD,  BAD and the “You Have to be Kidding” First, a few statistics. Right now, there are about 2/3 overweight and obese people, men and women. Overweight is a BMI of 25 to 30 and obese is defined as a BMI of over 30. You can check your BMI below. Just need to know your height and weight.

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Disclaimer provides information, opinion, instruction related to Lifestyle changes.  This includes fitness, diet and weight loss information. Consulting with a medical professional, your Doctor is the first step in starting a new lifestyle. Before any new diet or exercise program. Failure to do this could have serious consequences. The links to other health related sites

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                        MOVE    How much physical activity do you need? Benefit your health (aerobic) and your muscles (strength) will mean about 150 minutes a week. That is just 2 hours and 30 minutes a week! Not too tragic, right? Here is the CDC break down of this For important health benefits Adults need at least: 150

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