Astronomical Obesity Epidemic

Astronomical Obesity Epidemic

This is an Epidemic!!!

I guess we did not see this coming, did we? Well, open your eyes and look around. I don’t consider it a pretty sight. There is a Obesity Epidemic! All of these obese people, different ages, appear to not care at all about themselves or their loved ones. Don’t get too upset there.

Nine percent of the 12-19 year olds in the USA have either obesity or morbid obesity. Let that sink in..  Children that are experiencing problems that, well they shouldn’t. These include high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease and more. An obesity epidemic- Is this sinking in ??

These are Children!!

Highly unlikely these children will enter adulthood anything but obese. Why, someone please tell me why? Who did this to these boys and girls? Are those responsible in prison? Should they be in prison?

Doctors, some anyway, are speaking of bariatric surgery. On children!?!! Who is responsible?  How did this happen? This obesity epidemic, is this sinking in?

There is well documented and easily obtained information regarding the health problems facing the obese. Why is it that so many continue to ignore this, are their doctors telling them a different story?

Maybe they have bought into all the “big and beautiful” and claims that you can be healthy and live a long life, while at obese or maybe morbidly obese. Wonder why they call it morbidly. OK it is saved for the heaviest of the obese.

I’m not saying that everyone is not beautiful, in some way or ways. Seems like a certain segment does not care how long they live, how much pain the diseases may bring.

Regretfully, I have been no angel, weighed a lot more. I was obese. It took me a long time and effort to arrive where I am now. But it is worth all the time and effort.

The CDC has Much more Information on this Epidemic

Here is a video from the CDC about this topic. More info after the break. Time to go for a snack, make mine carrot sticks, please. The Obesity Epidemic video from the CDC.

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Like to check your BMI?  Check Adult and Childs BMI Click for CDC BMI Calculator Adult

Childs and Teens BMI Calculator

What is obese? Obese is a BMI of 30 or over. I know my BMI is 23.7

Did you check your BMI? What was it? Are you satisfied? Don’t be if you are not in the normal range, you can get it where you want. It may take a little work and a little sacrifice, maybe. Or possibly a lot of work and sacrifice, either way, it will be worth it.


Each pound overweight you are means an increased chance of getting, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol by about 3% The heavier you are, the greater chance of dying from one of these or other ailments.



The CDC states: People that are obese, compared to normal or healthy weight people are at increased risk for serious diseases, health conditions. Some of these are:

  • Coronary Heart disease,
  • Gallbladder disease,
  • type 2 Diabetes,
  • Osteoporosis,
  • Stroke,
  • Some Cancers (Breast, Colon, Liver, Kidney, Endometrial, Gallbladder)
  • Sleep Apnea and breathing problems, low quality of life. Mental Illness
  • Clinical Depression, Anxiety and other mental disorders.
  • Body pain and having a hard time functioning physically.
  • And lastly, for now, all causes of Death.


The most common causes of obesity are overeating and lack of physical activity.  This sound insanely easy to correct, or is it just me? Believing  this, we have to stop the cycle.

We must raise children of healthy weight and with a knowledge of eating healthy and  physical activities. Studies have shown that children that grow up overweight are more apt to become obese.

Who would want to saddle their children with this future? Living with the increased chance of diseases, because they were never taught to eat healthy and exercise.Not one parent that I know, and probably not one that you know either. Right?

The Community Recommendations to Stop the Obesity Epidemic

The community guide recommendations in part:

The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends behavioral interventions to reduce recreational sedentary screen time among children aged 13 years and younger.

This finding is based on strong evidence of effectiveness in reducing recreational sedentary screen time, increasing physical activity, improving diet, and improving or maintaining weight-related outcomes.

Evidence includes studies of interventions that focus only on reducing recreational sedentary screen time (screen-time-only) and studies that focus on reducing recreational sedentary screen time and improving physical activity and/or diet (screen-time-plus).

Limited evidence was available to assess the effectiveness of these interventions among adults.

There ARE some additional ways

to become obese:

You are part of the obesity epidemic and may have something else causing your problems. Have your doctor test for these disorders.

Endocrine disorders:

Because the endocrine system produces hormones that help maintain energy balances in the body, disorders with the following endocrine systems or tumors affecting them Could be cause you to gain weight,  becoming overweight or obese.


People with this condition have low levels of thyroid hormones. These are associated with decreased metabolism and weight gain, even when limiting their food intake. They have a lower body temperature and producing less body heat, means they can not efficiently burn stored fat for energy.

Cushing’s syndrome:

People with this syndrome have raised levels of glucocorticoids, such as cortisol in their blood. High cortisol levels make the body feel like it is under constant stress. Resulting in an increase in appetite and the body will store more fat.


Some tumors, like craneopharingioma, may cause obesity, possible severe. Occurs because the tumors develop near parts of the brain responsible for hunger.


What are your medication doing to you? Possibly more than you realize. Antidepressants, Antiepileptics, Antipsychotics and Antihyperglycemics may cause weight gain, leading to overweight and obesity.  There are, surely more meds that are causing weight gain and worse.

Check all of the meds you are taking, speak to you doctor if you are experiencing side effects.

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8 thoughts on “Astronomical Obesity Epidemic

  1. I always knew that there are plenty of obese kids in society, but never would I have thought that obesity could be a serious problem, especially in America. I guess kids really need to get outside more often.

    I think that a huge contributing factor to child obesity is technology. Young kids have become very addicted to gadgets like smartphones and tablets, hence kids are now less interested in going out and engaging in more physical activities.

    Thanks for the informative article!

    1. I agree that technology is a factor here. The problem with that lies with the parents, not limiting screen time. Of course that will not end the problem.   Thanks for the comment.

  2. James, thanks for this article. You’re disclosure on here cracks me up haha no I don’t need protected lol. Anyways, it is insane the numbers of children that are now obese. Personally, I think pop is just as bad for you as smoking, yet we feed it to our kids all day long without restrictions. I think we need to change the way we view sugar and that will dramatically improve things. What are your thoughts on that?

    1. Glad you liked the disclosure. Yes, sugar is one of the things we need to avoid. Sodium is another. There are many other items. What it comes down to is labels, read the labels, don’t go by “diet” or “lite” versions, they usually mean nothing.  You are correct, I agree, sugar and other ingredients are just as bad as smoking.

  3. Hi James.

    It is easy to see that this is an epidemic. Just notice people as you walk down the street or go to the mall. It is amazing how many are obese or morbidly obese.

    Everywhere you go, you are offered food (and it isn’t carrot sticks). It is hard to deprive yourself while others are satisfying every eating urge they feel.

    Then we have the problem of less activity as we grow older. And aches and pains make some activities a thing of the past.

    I wasn’t able to use the BMI calculator. But I know I could stand to lose some weight. I don’t know if I am considered obese (I hope not). But I’m pretty sure I am not morbidly obese. I do try to stay active; and watch what I eat. Sometimes I am weak and give in to some things I shouldn’t though. I find it really hard to lose weight since I am older.

    Thanks for an informative and eye opening post.


    1. You are correct, watch what you eat and get active. We all have thing we just cannot stop eating. Moderate those foods, you should still loose weight. It is not a sprint, it is a marathon.  I will check the BMI link, thank you for letting me know

  4. So happy you’re writing about this topic! The reason so many people are overweight or obese is because of processed foods and ingredients like corn, wheat, soy and sugar. I’ve recently cut them all from my diet and naturally lost about 4 lbs and this is only after one month! I’m convinced whole foods are the answer to maintaining weight and never having to diet again. Most people assume if a food is in the market, it’s good for you and safe. No so! Thanks for the interesting read!

    1. You are right, congratulations  on your change and weight loss. If everyone would eat healthier whole foods,    and move more, I can’t imagine so many healthy people.  Thank you for the comment and the visit, come back again soon.

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